Philippe Viallet Winery

Maison Philippe Viallet

Maison Philippe Viallet  is dedicated to wine trade from:

Savoie's wines
Savoie's wines
Jura's Wines
Jura's Wines
Bugey's Wines
Bugey's Wines
Provence's Wines
Provence's Wines
Corsican Wines
Corsican Wines


The winery building recognised for its bio-environmental advantages.

  • 2 grape receiving hoppers, direct unloading of fresh grape harvests
  • 3  fully automated pneumatic presses
  • 3800 hectos of Temperature-regulated stainless steel
  • stainless steeltaepred vats  for red wines winemaking

Grape press

pressoir pour vin de savoie

The main building:

  • Stainless steel pre-fermentation tank of 2888 hl – each tank is equipped with a temperature regulating cooling jacket to settle the lees prior to cold fermentation
  • Mechanised punching down for skin-contact maceration and colour extraction
  • Tapered vats

Temperature-regulated fermentation tank of 1500 hl for white wine


Fermentation tank for red wine:

Tapered vats with mechanical 'pigeage ' or punching down

Grape drying rack


Dried grapes

vin de neige savoie
Chignin Bergeron Dried grapes

Storage building

Storage warehouse

Mont Granier's facilities


vins de savoie

Our new office

Philippe Vialled has renovated an old farm to build its new office.